Read more Posted on I'm up Early I start play today at noon but got up at around 5:00am.
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There's that, and a whole bunch of other random thoughts in this blog including homosexuality, Paula Abdul, and a major issue with the WPT.Read more Posted on Weekend With Daniel a Success It completely drained me of all my princess casino batumi energy, but in the end the response we got from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.Read more Posted on The Hands We played 14 hands where the pot was 20,000 or more, he won 12 of them.Read more Posted on Murphy's Law: Part Deux I just had yet another day where nothing seemed to go right.

Read more Posted on My Amazing Race I just had quite a race against time that I thought I'd share with you all.
Read more Posted on re you ready for some football!
Read more Posted on 206,800 That's what my Protege Brian Fidler won in Tahoe.
Read more Posted on Gearing up for the WPT Championship and some FCP News I spent the day relaxing and studying for the start of the tournament tomorrow.Read more Posted on Lazy Boy Yup, that is officially my new nickname as I haven't left the house.Or stay here and go out of my mind.Read more Posted on Golf, Make A Wish, and Weekend at Daniel's I golfed (no surprise there spent an afternoon with a nice family, and am now preparing for a fun packed weekend.Read more Posted on FCP Golf Weekend and Comedy Festival Another fun packed Weeked at Daniel's and great news about FCP.Read more Posted on iagara Falls The event has exceeded everyone's expectations, including mine.Things are starting to look up for me and today was definitely a turning point.Read more Posted on Crazy weird session in my heads up match Definitely the weirdest and swingiest session we've played yet.