when was gambling legalized

It evolved from simple bets to games of chance, later evolving to cards and etc.
On the carnival cruise with casino Gulf Coast the economy can be summed up in one word, gambling.
If the customers want it, Nevada can and should deliver (Dambrink 7-9).In 1978 the state of New Jersey legalized gambling (Cardoza 15-17).Help the Income of the State you Live In with Your Pastime.New York: Cardoza Publishing, 1981.

It made men greedy and the desire to gamble struck.
Some may argue that baccarat bar las vegas without the jobs in casinos they can manage and they dont want to work in a place which influences people to part with their money, in some cases where they dont have it to spend.
Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1990.
Most if not all states already allow horse racing, bingo halls, jai alai, and state sponsored lotteries.
Adding insult to injury, they pass laws that could put a taxpayer in jail for placing a dollar wager on a pool game.The argument against this of course that honest work should be done in order to gain more money and not games of chance.Gambling as with most ideas came from Europe.As Ivan Solotaroff said, In the context of a strong gambling environment, casino gaming can be a patent development tool(n.p.).Does gambling help our economy?

Las Vegas was like no other; it replaced currency with chips, around the clock gambling and nearly a total absence of clocks.
Gambling Attitudes: Americans on Sports Betting.
But when you have a cloak and dagger approach to gambling then you of course feel differently about it and may not be honest with yourself too in which case you can end up with problems and in debt.