war casino game strategy

By, giovanni Angioni, if you are not doing so well, the best casino war strategy then is to know when to bail out of the sinking ship.
Dont worry too much about that negative figure though, as every conceivable casino game is set up in such a way as to guarantee the house a preset edge.
Today the game of Casino War is among the most widely played offerings within the casual gambling market.Should the dealers second card beat yours, you lose your original AND secondary bet.If you win, you get a 10:1 payout.Avoid betting on a tie, because the game requires six decks that give the player and the dealer equal chances to win a game, from a mathematical standpoint they both have.3 chances to win.While winning is possible even under such unlikely circumstances, it is too big of a risk to take so - forget.Players are playing against the dealer.Often it is a question of cutting back on your losses, but lose you will.When it comes to Casino War, the games simplicity makes things much easier than youd find in a game like craps, which includes dozens of different bets and corresponding payouts.You can never tell with certainty when it will appear.If Im flush with chips from successful best blackjack odds in reno run at blackjack, I may sidle up for a tour of duty at the Casino War tables.As a Casino War player, your expectation should always be to mix it up in brief, hand to hand combat, rather than waging prolonged campaigns.

But when I do, I know full well that my allotment of hands there will be limited.
When the game goes on after a tie, a loss translates to losing both the initial bet as well as the bet you placed to go to war.
Many games in a casino feature worse odds, but just a few hands of Casino War should be enough to convince you to look for a game with a better expected payout and more entertainment value.
Even so, the concept of gambling is imbued in Wars gameplay because the objective is to win cards from your opponents deck.As kids, the rules of War are simple enough that we can learn the game and teach it to our buddies in a few minutes.After making the Ante bet, the probabilities and payouts offered under the traditional Casino War setup are as follows: result, pAY, probability.As I said, games of chance are defined by swings, so I know by now to rack up those winnings and shield them from the fray.But the reason I can have fun doing that is discipline, because if I consistently wagered on the Tie bet, I might as well be playing craps and backing the Any Seven longshot on every roll.Meyer celebrated the addition of Casino War to the companys rapidly expanding table game portfolio: We are pleased to add Fortune Pai Gow, Royal Match 21 and Casino War to the other successful table games in our Entertainment Product line.Although this may seem illogical at first, it is better to risk twice your bet in hope of winning your first bet (2.68 house advantage) than it is to give up your first bet without a fight (3.7 house advantage).Whoever accumulates the other players stack of cards first, through winning successive high card battles along with the decisive three card wars, was deemed the winner.