Customs and Border Protection #16-264 Resolution - Approving an Investment Services Agreement Between the Tohono Oodham Nation and Bank of America/U.S.
2000-223, to Correct the Enrollment Number of One Enrolled Member #16-166 Resolution - Approving the Certification of and Distribution to a Tohono Oodham Nation Eligible Adult Member for the Second Per Capita Distribution for May 2016 #16-167 Resolution - Approving the Certification of a Tohono.
The Glendale City Council last month gave the Tohono O'odham Nation the final approval the tribe needed to see through its development vision that includes a resort near Desert Diamond Casino in the West Valley.
1 #16-271 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Senior Services Title III Caregiver Information Referral and Caregiver Training Budgets Back to Top Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Special Session #16-272 Resolution - Approving Amended Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement.
1 #16-267 Resolution - Approving an Attorney Contract for FY 2016 with the Law Firm of Dentons US, LLP #16-268 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Head Start Tribal Match Budget Amendment.2 Back to Top Thursday, September 15, internet slot games 2016 #16-457 Resolution - Approving Compensation Schedule for Full-Time Judges and FY 2017 Judicial Branch Budget Amendment.Louis Lopez, Hickiwan (Alternate) Chester Antone, Pisinemo (Alternate) Lorraine Eller, San Lucy Jana Montana, San Lucy (Alternate) Olivia Villegas-Liston, San Xavier Hilarion Campus, San Xavier (Alternate) Frances Conde, Schuk slot machine manufacturers addiction Toak Frederick Jose, Schuk Toak (Alternate) Evelyn Juan-Manuel, Sells Arthur Wilson, Sells (Alternate) Nicholas Jose, Sif.5 #16-260 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Legislative Branch Budget Amendment.Department of the Interior for Developing a Water Management Plan and Conducting Groundwater Monitoring Activities #16-127 Resolution - Adopting Tohono O'odham Legislative Council Calendar June 20 #16-128 Resolution - Approving the FY 2016 Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Senior Services Budget Amendment.

With this site we want to open a window to our world to educate others about our history, culture, governance and other aspects of the Nation that otherwise may not be readily available.
15-80, 40-81, 115-82, 83-83, 197-83, 97-221, 99-140, 2000-003, 05-472 and 12-334 to Reflect Legal Name Changes of Enrolled Members #16-081 Resolution - Amending Enrollment Resolution Nos.
Sixkiller as Chief Administrative Officer #16-302 Resolution - defeated - Approving the Appointment of Marietta Martin as Department of Education Executive Director #16-303 Resolution - Approving the Appointment of Michelle Begay as Department of Health and Human Services Executive Director Back to Top Thursday, July.
1 #16-376 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Gu-Vo District-Administration Amendment.#16-546 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Oodham Promotion online casino business 500 bonus Project Budget Amendment.1 #16-255 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Solid Waste Management Budget Amendment.Most of the council members also reported going to the Fiesta Bowl, for free, on behalf of the committee that organizes the annual college football playoff game.Asked for more details about the gifts, such as who received the gifts, how much the suites costs and whether these gifts could be seen as a conflict, the Tohono Oodham Gaming Enterprise emailed a statement from Treena Parvello, a spokeswoman, without specific answers.The lands of the Nation are located within the Sonoran Desert in south central Arizona.

2 #16-179 Resolution - Approving Fresnal Canyon Community FY 2016 Budget Amendment #1 #16-180 Resolution - Approving the FY 2016 Sif Oidak District Senior Services Budget Amendment #1 #16-181 Resolution - Authorizing the Tohono Oodham Ki:Ki Association to Submit a FY 2016 Indian Community Development.
1 Back to Top Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Special Session (Continued) #16-156 Legislative Order - Setting April 21, 2016 Special Session for a Self-Governance Update #16-157 Resolution - Approving FY 2016 Legislative Branch Budget Amendment.
"It wasn't a big deal he said.