He comes out fiesta casino las vegas phone number on stage and the connection is immediately there - everyone uplifted.
"This was the 5th time I've seen Roger Hodgson over 2 and a half years, having traveled quite lengthy distances and it is definitely worth it!
Hope to see you again.
You have touched my heart in a way i could never come close to explain!" Kristin.Thank you for a truly life altering night!Your music as indeed helped me along life's pathway and yet continues to guide, strengthens and encourages me to continue on no matter the struggles or fears that online slots with bonus games 3d I may be facing.Geoffrey "The concert was fantastic, the best that we have seen yet.Stay in touch with your hearts and let the music flow.Thank you for the memories.Thank you Roger for this specials moment and for the great times I will remember for the rest of my life." Robert "The show was high energy and all the sounds were there.People were on their feet singing, dancing, laughing, yelling for more.Ricky "I will remember this evening forever I cried tears of pure joy during the whole show!We all feel your light shine as you soar through octaves and crescendos of beautiful stringed arrangements and harmonies." Jeff "Just wanted to say that I went to the Roger Hodgson concert and it may have been the best concert I have ever seen.

His connection with the audience is like nothing I've ever seen.
" "Magnificent performance by round one game card balance one of the most gifted, original and unique artists of our time.
"Thank you for your music that you so graciously share to so many.
I've performed in or seen a number of shows in my life, probably over 500 at least.
Your voice was always my favorite and I was just in awe tonight!" Janessa "All the hits Roger still has.What is closer to heaven on this earth?" Carol Dean "There is something very soulful and charismatic about Roger and I think it probably goes a long way to explaining where those wonderful songs come from deep within him.My friends and I were blown away by the sheer talent Roger has.I have never witnessed a stronger connection of Love between an Artist and their audience.Thank you for the precious time you gave." Jean-Marc "Fabulous show last night Roger at RAH, so many memories came flooding back listening to all those great songs.

It was wonderful seeing an entertainer enjoying the evening as much as his audience."  Mary.