Its the biggest con on the planet, and over 80 have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.
Now, if you never drank alcohol the problem vanishes.
Your bankroll will thank you in the morning.
I hit the town on Saturday night and it was the first time that I have been amongst drunks in a very long time.
There is no one that is going to stop you from playing whilst you are drunk, so just be prepared to lose rather than win.I met this guy called Steve and as he swigged his lager, and blew smoke into my face, he recanted a tale of the previous night where he had blacked out and woke up with 7k in his pocket.Alcohol is highly addictive.Imagine what would happen to your game if you couldnt drink?Its part of the design to keep you living as long as possible.It's pretty obvious that it takes quite a bit of liquid confidence to check raise all in on the turn with middle pair against a tight player that has been betting heavily on the flop and turn.Before you know it your drinking is affecting your relationships.When technical ability cannot separate the best, its the players with the stronger mental focus that makes you bleed.The same type of shit you put into your car to make it run from A.Its one of the most addictive habits known to man, it debilitates your immune system, it screws around with your concentration; it slowly destroys your nervous system, eats away at self confidence, and affects your ability to relax.

Every time I have sat down at the poker table after having a couple of drinks, I have sat down with the intention of playing out of my skin, playing the best poker of my life and making incredible reads to pick up some big.
Your sober state is your peak, and every drink you have just brings your focus down below your peak, reducing your ability to play the more you drink.
You lose weight; you gain time, energy and money.
Many people believe that No-Limit Holdem is all but solved, and the edges between the top players are razor thin.
I must have come out a winner in the game.Alcohol is an extremely powerful poison that presses down hard on the fast forward button of your life.You've had a little bit more to drink than you expected but no matter, you're in a pretty good frame of mind to outplay some fish and add a little padding to your bankroll to give yourself a nice surprise for when you log into.The problem with playing poker drunk.If you can't abcya com money games excercise a little self control, be prepared to lose money.The two go hand in hand, and there is no ménage a trois that involves alcohol.Mother Nature created the perfect mind and body.It has to.So in general, to make the most out of every session you play, you want to be at the top of your game sober and focused.

Can You Afford Not To Use.
I'm out to win pots rather than money, and every drunken online session turns out to be pretty -EV.