pa lottery winners today

Tickets cost 2, and the jackpot starts at 500,000.
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August 26, 1971 The Pennsylvania Lottery is created with enactment of Act 91 of 1971.
Players choose five numbers from 1-60 and one number from 1-4, the green Cash Ball.He was a new editor.The first Match 6 Lotto drawing is on January.He was good at getting crowds excited and would organize sleep-ins or whatever you call them.July 10, 2003 The Golden Opportunities Challenge is introduced.Someone works for years on what they view as a work of art and some little idiot like me thinks he has the guts to trash it just because he has for a brief second the power of the pen.But I had only one question on my mind: was he raped in prison?Pick 2, a new, twice-daily draw game, allows players to choose any two-digit number.I didnt have any other questions but I didnt know how to end the call.1994 October 5, 1994 PA Lottery introduces its first all-electronic jackpot game, Hearts Diamonds.

March 24, 2002 When a ball cracks during the live drawing, the Pennsylvania Lottery draws a second set of Cash 5 numbers and pays out on both sets of winning numbers.
1986 August 14, 1986 The Pennsylvania Lottery introduces Super 7, the first lottery game of its type in the nation.
1987 March 7, 1987 On the Pennsylvania Lotterys 15th anniversary, Saturday Spin, a televised wheel-spin game, makes its debut.
He would look up trial law in the prison library.2012 December 30, 2012 The final ticket for the Pennsylvania Lotterys 15th Millionaire Raffle drawing is sold at 5:53.m., six days prior to the Jan.May 2010 The Pennsylvania Lottery and The Hershey Company introduce a new 2 instant game, Reeses.June 20, 2011 The Pennsylvania Lottery taps into the social media world and launches a Facebook page and Twitter account.They claim a cash jackpot.6 million.Nicolo splits the jackpot with a winner in Delaware and claims a cash prize.6 million.Lloyd claims a cash prize.6 million.So you need to look in hidden pockets, archives, ancient blog texts only read by alien sociologists who find time to care.