Sweden, transit token, ND (1890-1918) stockholms angslups aktiebolag ÖRE 3 ÖRE / pasagerare-polett.
Leguia elvira DE luza 28 DE julio DE 1906, holed for loop, silver, 23mm,.
2oo / 1oo Orco., heart shaped cutout, tin plated brass 31mm, E34A100,.Vietnam, US military, FLY navy in triangle free slot machine games i can play now / 5, brass, 21mm, Cam Ranh Bay, C-VN800a spots,.USA, connecticut, token, ND (1890s) wing collar, trade mark, (star) THE celluloid starch CO NEW haven, conn (star) / A great invention present this check TO your grocer with 5 cents gearge package OF celluloid starch, in 9 lines, brass, 32mm, R-Nhv23 spots, edge bump.This was a nice twist on the trap ball theory, but it also made the playfield "shorter".USA, washington, transit token, ND (1940) trees, seattle transit, signature, CHM.A sure come-on for players." Star Pool #114, 7/54, Star feature, two gobble holes, an exact copy of the 7/54 Cue-Tee game before it but with the "Star feature" added.

1890s-1910s) montour house good FOR 5 AT BAR / beaded circle around rim, brass, 24mm, all incuse,.
Harvey #50, 5/51, Promo Pic.
USA, oklahoma, military, crossed cannons missile, NCO open mess fort sill / good FOR 25 IN trade, aluminum, 28mm, C-OK380c Unc.USA, virginia, scrip, stonega coke coal.USA, massachusetts, transit token, lift, base of L extends under IFT / blank, black on green plastic, 32mm, A275B.Note the first "star feature" game (Star Pool) was also released at the same time without the star feature in a game called Cue-Tee. Go Green Recycling has grown to 6 locations since 2007).City lines / good FOR ONE city fare, triangle cutout, copper-nickel, 16mm, A260H.good FOR 5 ride city CAR, cutouts form "K copper-nickel, 21mm, A480E.Vietnam, US military, 69th SIG BN 10 / same, brass, 18mm, C-VN2000b spots,.USA, arizona, transit token, ND (1947) M, metropolitan lines phoenix / M, good FOR fare IN ONE zone, copper-nickel, 16mm, P640C Unc.