Smoking in cars Smoking in a car when a child under 16 years of age is present was banned in New South Wales from under section 30 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 (NSW).
For example, the following enclosed shared areas must be smokefree: stairwells, car parks, foyers, corridors, laundries, kitchens and common rooms.
The premise must display a sign in or near the dosa stating that the plan is available for perusal on request.
An outdoor eating area is defined as a public place or part of a public place that is provided, on a commercial basis, as an area where food or drink may be consumed by people sitting at tables.A roof includes any structure or device whether fixed or moveable that prevents or impedes upward airflow.If the answer is 'no the area will most likely be an outdoor area because it cannot meet the definition of enclosed.Back to top.7.10Summary of smokefree legislation across Australian states and territories See Table.7.1 for a timeline of implementation dates of smokefree legislation across all states and territories.Events and Festivals, farmers and Weekend Markets, casino Mini Railway - 1st Sunday and Public Holidays.The town also offers excellent year round recreational activities and facilities, notably inland fishing at nearby Toonumbar Dam, with golf, cricket, soccer, basketball and horse racing popular.Daily airport transfer services between Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport and Gold Coast Airport, are available to selected localities in the region, with some also going to Brisbane International Airport.Back to top.7.8Victorian legislation Smoking was banned in all enclosed restaurants, cafes and dining areas of hotels, licensed clubs and shopping centres in Victoria from 2001 under the Tobacco Act 1987 (Vic).The surface area of windows, doors or other closable openings must be included when calculating the percentage of vertical surfaces surrounding a space regardless of whether they are open or closed.

The surface area of any vertical structures located at or within 1 m from the perimeter of the ceiling or roof must also be included in the calculation.
A designated outdoor smoking area: must not how to win at a casino slot machines 2p be serviced (this includes the delivery of beverages and snacks or other food by staff to patrons) best wireless card for gaming 2017 must either not have a roof, or, if roofed, must not have a perimeter consisting of more than 50 per cent.
Examples of public places include: business premises, including professional, trade and commercial premises a cinema or theatre a club, hotel or motel a community centre, hall or public library government premises a hostel or nursing home a place of worship a public transportation vehicle (including.
In the Broadwater area there is a bora ring approximately three kilometres northwest of Bagotville and another east of Cooks Hill on Pine Tree Road.
It also means the smoking status of an enclosed licensed premise will not change at any time.The most important question to consider is: Would the average person say the area is enclosed?An area is regarded as being enclosed if it is fully enclosed, or is at least partially covered by a ceiling and has walls such that the total area of the ceiling and wall surfaces exceeds 70 per cent of the total notional ceiling and.Available from: authors who contributed to previous versions of this section include Barnsley,., Freeman,., Purcell,., Scollo,., Tumini,., Winstanley.Examples of places that are smokefree if they are enclosed public places include: shopping centres, malls and plazas restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, dining areas and other eating places schools, colleges and universities professional, trade, commercial and other business premises community centres or halls and places.Northern Rivers Carpool provides locals and visitors with the opportunity to share transport in the region.The airport operator must put up a prominent sign bearing the words 'No-smoking' in any no-smoking area.The Smoke-free Environment Regulation sets out guidelines for determining what an enclosed public place is, and when a covered outside area is considered 'substantially enclosed'.8 Back to top.7.4Northern Territory legislation Under the Northern Territory's Tobacco Control Act 2002 9 and Tobacco Control Regulations, smoking is banned in enclosed public areas, enclosed workplaces, outdoor public venues, food service areas, public transport, public transport areas, entrance areas, air conditioning inlet.Closed blinds or other structures are considered as equivalent to walls, so if they result in an area being more than 70 per cent enclosed smoking will not be permitted.