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Decoding Software: UniTrunker Video Examples: Sample Audio: Typical Frequency: 144 MHz Mode: NFM Bandwidth: 10000 Hz Description: Audio frequency-shift keying ( afsk ).
Similar signal shown in balints HF tour video.
Thanks to Andrew from the comments section for the.
Thought to be data originating from the Japanese Navy.Used by governments for very long range radar systems.Decoding Software: osmocomtetra Video Examples: 1, 2 Sample Audio: Typical Frequency: 420 MHz Mode: NFM Bandwidth: 10000 Hz Description: Radio trunking control channel.The signal is horizontal polarized.Poker 4, roulette 4, cash 3, congratulations 3, dollar 3, game Room 3, winner 3, casino Online 2, coins 2, euro 2, games 2 Hotel 2 Las Vegas 2 Logo Reveal 2 No sales 6 Medium 4 High 5 Top Sellers 3 Show All18.Decoding Software: Airprobe Sample Audio: No Audible Sound Produced.THE slot advantage No Ads Higher Starting Credits!Sample Audio: Found Frequency: HF Band Description: Periodic pulses.Audio sample used NFM mode.Decoding Software: Unencoded Video Examples: 1 Sample Audio: Typical Frequency: Below 30 MHz on HF, near other shortwave radio stations.Signal Identification Wiki which has many new signals.Play Longer, Win More!

This particular signal is from an AKG headset.
Decoding Software: PDW Video Examples: 1, 2 If you know what any of these signals are please write in the comments.
Sample Audio: Found Frequency: HF Band Description: Sound sample recorded in USB mode.Used by aircraft to broadcast their latitude, longitude and diamond 7 casino no deposit altitude.Link to RR identification discussion from submission email.Sound sample recorded in AM mode.Used by boats for weather reports.Only transmits during a weather balloon launch.The antenna has a Yagi pointed to West from.5 South latitude,.46 West longitude.VFT or Voice Frequency Telegraph poker no registration is one of several systems for sending multiple rtty signals over one voice-bandwidth radio channel.

Mode: USB Bandwidth: 1900 Hz Description: Single side band, specifically upper side band.
Decoding Software: PC-hfdl Video Examples: 1, 2, 3 Sample Audio: Typical Frequency: HF Amateur Band Mode: SSB Bandwidth: 31 Hz Description: A digital amateur radio mode based on Phase Shift Keying (PSK) modulation Thanks to Patrick for the submission.