You think guys on the Raiders are going to walk into a sports book somewhere on the strip and place bets on NFL games?
It's time to come up with a better excuse.
Even if you roped an offensive slot machine symbol rentals lineman foxy bingo 500 bonus into this kind of scheme and he intentionally let his man beat him several times in a game, it still may not have a huge impact on the game.
That means NFL players, and lots of them, already find themselves in the presence of "unscrupulous" individuals quite often.
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If you are the type of person who is inclined to try to do free online casino affiliate program something like this, you'd probably have a better chance approaching a player in a place like Buffalo or Green Bay where he might not be on red alert about something like.
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Sure, there are more casinos in Las Vegas than there are in these other cities, but is that the issue, the volume of gaming options?Next Article, early 2018 CFB Rankings: 130.Besides, if you are going to try to get a player to throw a game or shave some points, do you really think the Vegas team will be the best place to do that?After over 2,000 days and 14,000 stories, Sports on Earth is ceasing publishing.Easy access to all of those casinos will be too much for NFL players to resist.The concern is that because of the proximity of the sports books and the number of people legally wagering on NFL games there is a stronger likelihood that one of those people can get to one of the Raiders players in a way that potentially.There are sports books in Windsor, Ontario, which is right across the river from downtown Detroit.In order to recoup that investment, you would then need to gamble an even larger amount of money, which would highly likely be flagged by whatever sports book took the bet.