See, for example, Vitaly Friedmans article, in which he remarks, designers of CSS-based websites tend to avoid extreme interactivity and instead use subtle, refined effects sparingly.
An open-source project cC BY-NC-SA the Interactive Feminist Bingo Card is meant to be an easy way for commenters in online feminist venues to identify sexist and misogynistic trolls, provide validation of a new casino sites accepting paypal commenters judgement that a troll is genuinely trolling and not just clueless.
The animation is there for a few reasons: one, because this project was partially a lab space for us to push the boundaries of our code knowledge, and I havent gotten a chance to mess around with CSS animations and transitions and whatnot at work.
Students raise their hands if they have bingo. . : ).Skud and, emily for that idea.) helps balm your soul.A Very Uncommon Cook.Weve both used those existing cards when participating in or reading passionate exchanges in feminist spaces, and felt the need for a card which collated the contents of many of the existing cards and made the game aspect of the card more true to life.The rules are simple.(This game has 25 slides if you want to use ALL squares.) The students are making their own cards.TI-Inspire: From a Calculator Page - Menu - #5 Probability - #4 Random - #2 Integer - randInt(1,24).(Dont forget to click on the tiles to find examples for things like Shia Lebeouf saying.Spot something happening within your office that represents whats shown on your bingo card?Prizes can be candy, "free" homework cards, odds of 4 of a kind texas holdem exemption from an assignment or short quiz, holiday pencils, trinkets (whatever is easily available) or a simple posting of the bingo winners on the classroom wall. .

Anthony Calzadilla s, spiderman animation, later linked in Friedmans Smashing Magazine as an example of CSS3 animation, is about as in-your-face as it can get.
Opening Screen, bingo Board, sample Question Slide, sample Answer Slide.
She can be found on the internet at a usually-silly tumblr and a usually-less-silly github account.
(While wed love to see, for example, anti-racist or anti-cissexist bingo cards, we felt that as white cis women from privileged economic backgrounds we would not be the right people to make them.).
(Were not aware of any other interactive bingo cards in the social justice blogosphere; the cards we have encountered have all been either table-based or images, many of the latter very pretty.).For the best experience, share this with your colleagues in the office and see who will be victorious in Office Bingo.Answers can be shown after the quiz is completed.(Also, I really like the zoomy effect.We hope that other people will add to our list of trollish comments rebuttals, and perhaps even that our code can provide an engine for other anti-oppression bingo cards.Bingo cards are common in the geek feminist community; there are several existing ones linked in the Geek Feminism wiki, and Betsy I relied on them heavily while creating the bingo card.Used in a Computer Lab or Laptop Setting:.Do not, however, do this too often.In general, we strongly encourage people to fork the project!