Card 3 of 5/codes 5-6 edit scoring Five hundred bonus points are awarded for each remaining flower at the end of the round.
Spraying him drives him upwards and eventually off the screen to win the level.
Each time you collide with a creepy, get stung by a bee, are hit with a stinger, or are hit by a coconut thrown by Donkey Kong, you lose a life.
Queen Buzzbee 700 points Buzzbee with a flower 400 points Beespy 400 points Attacker 200 points Buzzbee 100 points Time bonus points - Any time left at the edn of the round is added to your score.
Donkey Kong titles, possibly due to the fact that it is more of a shooting game compared to the original platformers.Mario fights Donkey Kong one last time, destroying Donkey Kong's mech and finally getting back the rest of the toys.Name in archer casino other languages edit Language Name Meaning Japanese 3 Donk Kongu Sur Donkey Kong 3 References edit Donkey Kong 3 's page on other niwa wikis: Gameplay of the arcade version.There are several different environments, ranging from a lava environment to the classic construction site, and there are four different types; in the first, and most common, Mario has to pick up a key and take it to the locked door, and then find and.

The game is the spiritual successor.
Control Pad Moves player L Button R Button Resets game to Title Screen start Start/Pause select Selects game mode Game A is beginner mode Game B is expert mode A or B Button Uses spray can Card 2 of 5/codes 3-4 edit HOW TO play.
It will make it much more difficult to hit him.
The game was later referenced as a microgame in both, warioWare: Twisted!EGM staff (July 2004).Donkey Kong 3 (WarioWare: silver reef casino silver pass Touched!).Armed with a can of fly spray, Stanley must destroy the bees and chase Donkey Kong away before he eats all five of his vegetables.Donkey Kong for Game Boy Advance Reviews".Mario travels in pursuit of Donkey Kong, rescuing the Mini-Marios and battling Donkey Kong several times along the way before retrieving all of the toys.For the, game Watch port, see, donkey Kong 3 (Game Watch).Donkey Kong 3 is the third.Card 4 of 5/codes 7-8 edit enemies Includes: Beespy, Buzzbee, Attacker, and Queen Buzzbee.This article is about the arcade version.