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Apart from obviously been in some serious contact with a jetty the two main engines and generator were so bad that they will have to be replaced, totally irrepairable. .
On the final day of Easter 2018, anchored off our favorite beach at Playa Bonanza, one again has a moment to look back over the past 3 months.
Website, the Boomtown Lounge located in the casino hosts live entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, with a variety of music played.
We even managed a weekend south at Cerritos at our wonderful little hotel Holas de Cerritos which we have not visited for a few years. .
Our Mexican friends from Cab have bought a similar Lagoon 440 in San Diego which they asked me to help with unfortunately the selling broker and his recommended surveyor have, as far as I am concerned, been criminally negligent in their description of the catamaran.Life continues pleasantly at Casa Tia, Carnival in February, as expected, was a very noisy affair, in fact so noisy we had to move to Sonrisa for several days. .A couple of our charter guests have provided some interesting fun and additional income.If they knew how many accidents I had been involved in perhaps they would not be so positive.About, welcome to Boomtown Casino, where we have been at the heart of Fort McMurray since 1978!Thursday 10:00am to 3:00am, friday 10:00am to 3:00am Saturday 10:00am to 3:00am Poker Sunday 12:00pm to 2:00am Monday 4:00pm to 2:00am Tuesday 4:00pm to 2:00am Wednesday 4:00pm to 2:00am Thursday 4:00pm to 3:00am Friday 12:00pm to 3:00am Saturday 12:00pm to 3:00am.Mike and Dede our delightful cruising buddies (and surrogate grand parents) from Joss are kindly helping us out in Phoenix to find a suitable one. .It looks as if Phoenix will be a better option as the desert dryness keeps the vans in better condition than rainy Washington State.Still afterglow, boys will be boys, brothers in Arms.

Tuesday 10:00am to 3:00am, wednesday 10:00am to 3:00am.
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See all hours, suggested duration: 2-3 hours.
Grant, Jenny and their son Alexander visited from Canada, for a windy cruise to Partida, again lots of laughs all round.A sad discover for a couple of very pleasant, and unfortunately naive and trusting first time yacht buyers.Boomtown Casino Venues Hotspots, boomtown Lounge, reservations.The work on the Malecon continues in typical Mexican fashion still thats why we live here.Not much had changed at the hotel, where our hosts kindly remember. .Interestingly all have come from Airbnb and Mels local flyers at Doce Cuarenta coffee shop, rather than any dedicated yachting sites.Recently a trip to Cabo for a few nights with Bill and Kim our Texan friends, and Scott and Yulia who joined us from Los Angles lots of laughs and some interestingly deep conversations.Pretty place settings, still trying, huon, breakfeast treat.Another couple was so intrigued with Sonrisa and our past cruising lifestyle that they have embarked on a yachting lifestyle, hoping to start a family and head out from the rat race.

This area is developing rapidly with numerous new constructions, restaurants and associated social centres. .