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Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band has only grown in stature.
But after seeing regular use during the notoriously tension-filled weeks of filmed rehearsals and sessions the following month for a back-to-the-roots projectinitially dubbed.
Let It Be film and album, Lennons sanded-down Casino would make arguably its most famous public appearance on a chilly January 30, 1969, during an impromptu live performance on the roof of Apples Saville Row offices in London.Now professionally sanded down to its bare wood (Harrison once explained they thought doing so allowed the instruments to breathe, creating a richer sound) it would contribute significantly to 1968s.Prior to beginning the Pepper sessions, Lennon spray-painted the back of his instrument for some as yet unexplained reason.Do these new, Chinese-made Epiphone Casino guitars live up to the hype, or are there better ways you can spend your hard-earned gear dollars?The public would get a sense of how important the instrument was to Lennon when he used it in taping the promotional clips for both sides of the epic Hey Jude and Revolution single.But with what instruments did Sgt.

While the albums elaborate production techniques and often exotic instrumentation have been dissected ad infinatum, at its core was a sturdy electric guitar that would become the mainstay big vegas slots of the Beatles final years, the Epiphone Casino.
There's one thing I'm noticing, however - with just 2 months of play, I'm already seeing some significant wear on the tops of the frets!
There's something about the history of that guitar, the awesome transparent finish that shows the wood grain, the vibe, and the killer tone!
George Harrison and John Lennon had each acquired one of the hollow-bodied, originally sunburst-finished instrumentsstyled after Gibsons stalwart ES-335, but without the guitars solid center blockin early1966, where it first saw action on the bands Revolver album and Paperback Writer/Rain single and the latters accompanying.That's crazy hot for what's supposed to be a vintage P90.Like, Share and please Subscribe to my channel if you found this video useful.2016 All Rights Reserved.In December of 1968, it would also feature prominently in Lennons contribution.Right now I like 't I doubt they're gonna be in there forever.For more information on the Epiphone Casino, click here.