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Listed in critical condition, but not the intensive care unit, was Kevin Elson, the groups sound engineer, with a fractured right leg and ankle, fractured pelvis and left leg.
Lynyrd Skynyrd were killed and 20 were injured.
The plane had passed McComb when it reported that it was having fuel trouble, and was told by free mobile casino games youtube the Houston Texas flight center to turn around and land at McComb, said Everett."The emergency room would have been bottlenecked with that many people, so we set up a treatment center in the lobby he said.Fairly, an air traffic controller at McComb.Logue said emergency treatment facilities were set up in the front lobby of the hospital before the first patients arrived from the crash scene.Donald Chase who lives about five miles from the area, said he heard "that the plane was having engine trouble because it was sputtering." Mote said he was putting some hay out when three bloody survivors who had made their way through the woods called.Transferred to University Hospital and listed in stable condition were vocalist Leslie Hawkins, facial lacerations and neck problems; Larken Allen Collins, guitarist, spine injuries; and road crewman Gene Odom, eye injuries and a deep scalp wound, and Paul Welch, injuries not known.Rescue crews were also hindered by a 20-foot wide, waist deep creek they had to cross to reach the plane."We were actually standing on people to get others out".If she asks where you are going, tell her you are going to play with the Big Boys.

"It was a problem for a while, finding enough beds he said.
Live music, we have a band all three nights.
Logue noted two problems hampered operations at the hospital during the night.
The propeller-driven Convair 240 skidded across tree tops for about 100 yards, then slammed into a swampy area and split open about eight miles short of McComb Airport after reporting it was having fuel trouble or was running low on fuel an Air Traffic Controller.
Johnny Mote, who lives near the crash site close to the Mississippi-Louisiana border, said the plane "sounded like a car skidding in gravel" as it clipped the trees.We had IV bottles and all the necessary equipment to take care of them right there.If youre a lover of the nightlife, youll have the chance to enjoy The Chimes, as well as Corporate Brew and Draft, both of which are quite popular.Persons going to the plane had to be careful not to step on the injured and dead who had been thrown or removed from the aircraft.Bad Place to Bring Plane Down Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center and other area emergency personnel practice periodically handling mock disasters.Houston reported it had lost radar and radio contact Fairly said.The dead included lead singer Ronnie Van."The most critically injured were sent directly to surgery, the critical ones were taken care of in the lobby.

Last night, it was the real thing, and from the looks of the activity at the hospital the practice has paid off.
Later the decision was made to carry them across the stream.