C based on Unicode.0.0.
A b Mace, Scott.
This allows non-ascii title strings to be set, provided that the window manager complies (report by Thomas Wolff).
Update ftp URLs in documentation.Modify sample build-scripts for dpkg and rpm to ensure that vttests scripts are uncompressed and executable.The VDP in the American 99 /4A is the TMS9918A (which gives the machine the A in its name).Ifdef'd the session-management changes with OPT_session_MGT, to accommodate X11R5 which predates the related definitions.Remove obsolete logic for saving/restoring wrapping flags, which did not work on 64-bit platform.Update pixelvector handling (Ross Combs split pixel-based and coord-based functions with common parts factored out to a "raw" function add a "step" variant which loads a single PV digit make the graphic dirty upon resize or clear, fixing some missing refreshes (patch by Ross Combs).Also use this value in install rule "make install-ti for the standalone configure script.Limit mode changes to VT220 and.I fixed this by moving the StartLogging call down past the place where I'd reset the setuid mode.

Correct an misplaced brace in SelectionReceived (patch by Bruno Haible).
Fix a typo in manual page (Dan Church).
Bunnell, David (AprilMay 1982).
This usage is consistent with various types of dare game for money hardware (especially the IBM PC and is also used in rxvt.This fixes the following problems with xterm: save/restore the ansi foreground and background colors with the other visible attributes in the save-cursor and restore-cursor operations.Restore reset of doublesize for a line when it is cleared, broken in patch #228.24 Its peripherals cost about twice as much as for other computers.Fix a couple of cases where double-sized VT100 characters were not clipped, seen in Joe Smith's VT100 torture test.Modify decrqss reply for decscl to additionally report if the terminal is set for 8-bit controls.Document titleModes resource in manpage, added in patch #252.Apply fixes to Tektronix widget used for VT100 widget to make toolbar work with Xaw7 (XFree86.x).In general, ROM-equipped cartridges may be identified by having 28-pin ICs on the board, while the grom ICs have 14 pins.TI- 99 /4 'PEB' or Peripheral Expansion Box The TI- 99 /4's original expansion concept was that peripherals would be connected serially to the console and each other, in a " daisy-chain " fashion.