777 slot machine cake

I knew I was going to use chocolate coins for the rogers bingo app jackpot (honestly, if slot machines doled out chocolate coins I might be more interested).
As it turned out, the wedge I cut off of one layer fit perfectly upside down on the next to make a all slots casino contact number perfect slope for the front face of the machine.
The big 7s were easier, since they were much larger.I, however, took it as a challenge.Oh well, I guess I was lucky the entire thing didnt melt into a puddle, so theres that small victory at least.And maybe a few jackpots thrown in for good measure (ching ching ching!) We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to m and affiliated sites.I dont have a recipe for this one, mainly because its nothing new, but if you are curious, I made a double batch of my favorite chocolate cake base, substituting milk for the red wine in this case.I get major wife points for this one (and believe me, Im going to be milking those points for all they are worth).

I knew I had two 8-inch square cakes and one 9-by-13-inch cake to work with, and used those numbers and dimensions to figure out what pieces Id need and how theyd fit together into the final shape.
But beyond that, I hadnt the slightest idea how where to start.
Phew, I think that covered everything.
Satin Ice brand, if youre curious).
Well, first let me clarify: not just any slot machine, a wheel of fortune slot machine (duh).I used some acrylic plastic dowel rods (vs the standard wood) to support the cake, as well as secure the wheel and serve as the bones for the machine handle.Zalecane, twoje urządzenie powinno spełniać te wymagania, ponieważ umożliwi to osiągnięcie optymalnego działania.I like the the simplified elements, it feels clean and colorful and not cluttered if I had tried to put all the text and detail on there.Its become somewhat of an annual tradition for him, and I like that he gets to spend some quality guy-time with them (and hes with his Dad after all, how much trouble can he get into?) It works out perfectly, as he gets his Vegas-guy-time.The shaft is actually another dowel thats been wrapped with fondant, and the base and knob on top more fondant.

I originally wanted to make the top a cake pop, but couldnt get a smooth coating of black fondant around that ball if my life depended.
Bezpłatna, minimalne, twoje urządzenie musi spełniać wszystkie minimalne wymagania, aby można było otworzyć na nim ten produkt.
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