Model, aT-x310-26FT and AT-x310-26FP, aT-x310-50FT and AT-x310-50FP, the rule to follow when using the combo port pairs is to use only one device in a pair at a time.
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Designed for Easy Deployment of High-Performance Wireless LAN.This automatic adjustment can be programmed to take effect at a certain time or time intervals, minimizing the need for network administrators to manually intervene.L2/L3/L4 QoS and igmp snooping optimize voice and video application.As wireless users roam around the office using wireless equipment, they may change their connection from AP.Optional 10-Gigabit Uplink Modules, dEM-410X 1-Slot 10-Gigabit XFP Module (For Fiber Backbone Attachment dEM-410CX 1-Port 10-Gigabit CX4 Module (For Switch Cascading).

If you connect both the twisted pair port and SFP slot of a combo port pair to network devices, the SFP slot takes priority and the twisted pair port is blocked.
Chapter 1: Overview 32, the two 10/100/1000Base-T ports and SFP slots are paired together to form combo port pairs.
D-Links DWS-3026 Managed Layer 2 switch supports management through both GUI and CLI and offers exceptional security and flexibility for your business network.
Core Units Controlling Entire Wireless Network.
The combo SFP allows for flexible fiber connection, while optional 10-Gigabit modules enable bottleneck-free switch-to-switch cascading or attachment to a high-speed fiber backbone.Table 4 Combo Port Pairs 10/100/1000.In addition to checking the identity of a connecting user from the switchs local database, user authentication policies can be sent to an external radius server for complete verification.Packet Buffer Memory Size: 750KBytes, flow Control 802.3x Standard in Full Duplex Mode.Optional 10-Gigabit XFP Transceivers, dEM-421XT XFP Transceiver mac pro pcie slot speeds (10gbase-SR Standard, Up to 300 m Multi-Mode Fiber Distance,.3/5V Operating Voltage) DEM-422XT XFP Transceiver (10gbase-LR Standard, Up to 10 km Single-Mode Fiber Distance,.3/5V Operating Voltage) DEM-423XT XFP Transceiver (10gbase-ER Standard, Up to 40 km Single-Mode Fiber.Back Pressure in Half Duplex Mode.