2 ball roulette

Device Compatibility, you are only able to access Double Ball Roulette via a desktop computer.
Double Ball Roulette is an exciting and unique game that not only plays out live before your very eyes, but delivers two winning numbers in a single spin.
However, instead of using one ball it uses two.
Live Dealers Casino tells you everything about this online roulette table with two balls!Corner Bet (3:1 payout Chip at the corner where four numbers meet.If both balls land on the number you chose, you receive an even bigger payout, which is one of the major reasons Double Ball Roulette has quickly rose to became popular for both online and offline roulette enthusiasts.Inside bets: Straight Up (17:1 payout Chips on any single number.Its payout is 8 to 1, in case either of the balls comes to rest on one of the selected numbers.Its payout is 5 to 1, in case either of the balls comes to rest on one of the selected numbers.Outside bets: Column Bet (8:1 payout Chips in one of the boxes marked 8.A curious fact worth noting is that each Layover System has two player remote controls, which do not require batteries.If you didn't received your winnings or your bet was accepted, but was not placed in game, please, contact.As its name indicates, the main unusual point about Evolution Gamings Double Ball Roulette, is the fact that it has two balls simultaneously on the wheel instead of one.

Corner Bet it features a group of four numbers and is placed at the corner where these four numbers touch.
All the outside bets are increased because you are betting that both the balls will land on the same dozen, color, column, etc.
Corner:.5 to 1, line: 2 to 1, the betting table is displayed on what looks to be a computer screen there is no virtual or real table cloth just your betting options displayed to the lower of your screen.This usually covers 3 numbers.However, taking into account the simultaneous presence of two different balls and the possibility to place several types of special bets, pay outs can reach 1300:1!Differences, compare Double Ball Roulette to other online roulette games and there are many similarities and big differences at the same time.The player has a chance to earn twice as much, in case both roulette balls turn out to be successful; Sixth, the game features.On the other hand, when placing outside bets, a player wins if both balls drop into the selected numbers.After the balls land, the dealer will mark the winning bets and clear all the losing bets, just like in the regular roulette.Regardless of how odd it may seem, the two balls are kept from colliding into one another.

Bets placed on specific numbers or on a line between them are known as Inside bets.
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